My favorite yarn of all times

I started  crocheting or precisely ,learn how to crochet back in 2007, It was the first time I visit USA and was thinking of a hobby that time to fill the time.

I usually like to read books but I obviously  can't read all the time, I mean in all my free time, So crochet came to my mind when I was buying groceries from Walmart.

 when I just came across  that section, where everything is magical, colorful and beautiful.

It was amazing to me all that colorful yarn and materials, I knew then that crochet was what I Wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I don't know for you, but back in primary school, we used to have a class for sewing, crochet and all that stuff, I used to hate it so much, the teacher was awful and mean and I couldn't learn anything.

However later in time and back to Walmart, everything changed, may be it could be that it was my choice now and I was not forced to learn  or may be something else, all that it mattered is that I fell in love with crochet.

All this to tell you how I came to meet my favorite yarn and yarn brands, the ones that I use till today and I prefer more than any other yarn at all.

if you are a crocheter for sometime now, you would know that it is important that you feel comfortable with the yarn and crochet hook you use, it either makes your work easy or difficult, enjoyable or painful and trust me, the feeling will tell you all about the quality.

While most of the time I use acrylic yarn, a lot of it feels like natural and soft fiber that it makes you forget that it is acrylic, it lasts for so long that you don't believe how long it lasts.

In the time that I'm writing this post, I have a blanket I crocheted more than 14 years ago and still looks like new, although it is washed a lot, it looks amazingly new.


There are different brands that I'm going to mention here , what's good and what's less good about them but they are the ones I have used few times or endless times.

Red Heart Soft Yarn is for me The top of the top yarn that I love so much, I tried many times to use or love other yarns but in vain, this is for me la crème de la crème, the best for blankets, home accessories, pillows, it is so soft, slightly shiny, chic, nice looking and the colors are just amazing, this yarn is worth every penny, it really does feel luxurious.
Not only that, the quality is amazing, the yarn stays intact, no matter how many times you use it and reuse it, it never comes apart and never deceives, this is the number one in my list of the best yarn.

Lion Brand is my second best and Oh my God how much I love pound of love in their category, seriously, if you like to make hats, shawls, cardigans, beanies, infinity scarves..... pound of love is by far the best yarn for that, feels luxurious to wear and amazing quality.
Here Are some of the projects I did using Pound of Love.

and my Favorite so far The winter headscarf

Lion brand is not a cheap brand but it is a good quality one if you want to crochet garments in general.
I would always go for Lion brand if I want to crochet accessories, cardigans or clothes.


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