How to crochet an easy head scarf

So few days ago, in the middle of some projects, it came to my mind what an easy project I do which is wearable and quick and fun to do, being stuck at home for this epidemy, I thank god that i have this hobby and creativity to make things rather than getting board and cursing everything around me :)

So this headscarf is easy and achievable within one hour, one of the few projects I'm posting under "1 hour crochet projects".

So if you follow me for a while whether here or on youtube, you would know that I do the granny triangle differently when I do shawls or any similar project, so you see that you have straight lines forming a triangle shape instead of all the lines forming triangles.

Maybe some of you like it or may be not, depends on your preferences.

So without further due, scroll down to the written pattern if you didn't skip the intro yet :)
The video .

crochet hook: 4MM

Downloadable pattern


Row 1 : 2dc in the 4th ch.

Row 2 : ch3, turn, 2 dc in the same st, 3dc in the last st.

Row 3 : ch3, turn, 2dc in the same st, 3dc in the space, 3dc in the last st.

Row 4 : ch3, turn, 2dc in the same st, 3dc in the next spaces, 3dc in the last st.

Repeat row 4 for a total of 27 rows.

Once completed, continue chaining 30, sl st in every ch to come back to the starting point, slip st through the other side and make another 30 ch, sl st back and fasten off.


  1. Hi! Just wanted to clarify some stuff:

    1. For Row 2, what do you mean by "same stitch"? Is it the first chain after ch3, or is it the last chain of 3ch from Row 1? Or is it the same stitch where we started the whole project?

    2. For Row 2 again, when you say "3 dc in the last stitch", which last stitch are you pertaining to?

    I tried watching the video, but I can't make out which stitches are being referred to when using the terms "same stitch" and "last stitch". Thank you in advanced for your response!

  2. Hi, when you ch 3, there is a st under the ch 3 isn't it? That is what I mean.
    For the last st, it's the one where we did 3 DC together ( DC is a st) you work on top of it.
    Hope this helps 😊


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