About me

My name is Nadia and  I used to travel for a living.

I started crocheting few years ago (2007) as I was looking for a hobby to keep myself busy.
I believe if someone doesn't have a hobby, time is sooooooo wasted and we all have free time if we manage it well but again that's the challenge.
I love reading too but it is not enough!
 Through crochet I learned how to be creative, love all colors and find my taste through matching colors.
I also learned how to be patient and control my self more and my mind, and now that I became more confident with my work I want to share my knowledge and  I want everyone to see it.

About my blog

The main reason why I started this blog is to share my hobby with people, I reached a stage where I think I can help  others who like to crochet, learn, find and create different patterns and stitches and share with you my own work!

So welcome to my blog enjoy surfing and let me know what you think,
 I would definitely appreciate your comments.

                                                  Have a wonderful day!

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