Waffle stitch infinity scarf

I think I started this project in december , as always, it took me sometime to finish, but it is worth all the time spent in working on it.

I love the waffle stitch and the thickness of the scarf.

This is one of the ideal projects for him or even for her as I wear mine!

I wanted to make it even bigger so I can wear as a head scarf as well but I stopped in row 10.
If ever I want to make it bigger, I can add more rows in future.

So for now scroll down for the written pattern and for the videos



ch 250.
dc on the 3rd ch from the hook, and in every ch.

Row 1 turn, ch2, *1 front post stitch in the next dc, 1 dc in the next 2 stitches**, repeat from *to** till the end of the row.

Row 2 ch2, whatever was a post st, work 1 normal dc on top of it and whatever was normal dc work 1 front post stitch in it.

Repeat row 2 till you get 10 rows of waffles.
Attach the two ends together by either sewing them or slip stitching.


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