Stretchy neck warmer

 Hi everyone and welcome back to a new post and tutorial, this one though is not new however i did not write the pattern to it before, so if you are here it's either from the video link or you are interested in making a different neck warmer from what's available out there.

this is a very easy one and beginner friendly, what I find the most and only challenging is how to making the round right in joining without making it twist later on, I hope you see what I mean. 

The stitch is a repetitive one and requires basic skills, any beginner can make it if you follow the video along the written pattern, so without further due , scroll down to the pattern.  

Video Tutorial

Etsy PDF

Written Pattern

Preferably using  medium 4 yarn and a 5.5 MM hook


Row 1 : join to form a large circle, ch2, 1 dc in the 1st ch, 1dc in every ch around till the end, join

Row 2 : ch2, yarn over, insert the hook behind the next double crochet and out, yarn over, pull through 2, pull through 2 again, work your double crochet 9 you get the front post stitch), do the same each st till the end of the round.

Row 3 to 20 or until required: Repeat row 2. Fasten off and hide your thread.


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