Must Haves Winter Scarves


The knit stitch infinity scarf

This one is my favorite and many of my crochet fellows, especially if you don't knit but you love knit stitches, here I brought you the pattern on how to make the knit stitch look with crochet.

Everything is possible , you see!!

Depending on the color and the length, it can be worn for him or for her. Wander Palette Pack

Click here to see the pattern and the video tutorial.

The waffle stitch infinity scarf 

This one looks complicated , I  know, but very pretty as well and especially very warm because of the thick stitch and because of how big it is.

It is a repetitive row after the third one and made of approximately 10 rows.

check here the written pattern and video. Tigerwood Special Edition Hook

The double stitch neck warmer

this one for me is the best of all.

It is not big, is very thick and super warm, you wear it around you neck and under you coat and you have a moving heater :)

For this one, you have to see by yourself, I can't find the right words for it.

Here is the pattern and let me know what you think :)

I hope you like all the three different scarves and you'll try any of them, if you prefer the PDF version, I've made all three of them in one which you can get here:



Lion Brand Yarn


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