Half double crochet blanket

 This Blanket is ideal for beginners who just starting with crochet and want to make easy blankets.
It is as neat as single crochet and as quick as double crochet, although it is simple to make and has no texture but changing the colors and matching them makes it look prettier. You can follow either the pattern I made or change it and make it differently.

You can also check here different crochet patterns I have made for the striped blanket usually using the single crochet stitch like:

or the very first one I made: single crochet blanket

So you have a wide variety of crochet blankets to choose from and the last one is similar to this one as it used half double crochet as well.

For this blanket I have used as always my favorite yarn red heart soft and 5.5 mm hook.

As for the colors:  2 deep blue ,2 teal ,2 turquoise ,2 dark blue ,2 white .

ch: chain 
hdc: half double crochet 
st: stitch 

PDF Pattern

Written pattern: 

Ch 180 
Row1: hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook, hdc in every ch till the end of the row .

Row2: ch1, hdc in the 1st st as ch 1, hdc in every st till the end of the round. 

Repeat row 2 for the next 15 rows 
Change color 

Row 16: make a sl knot, insert the hook in the last worked st and ch 1, hdc in the first st, hdc in every st for 15 more rows 

Change colors every 15 rows 


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