The Wool blanket Half double crochet stripes

 Most watched videos on my youtube channel are the single crochet blankets, I don't know why people love to make these blankets more than any other although there are a lot of easy stitches and projects and are equally beautiful to the single crochet blanket.

So I decided for a change but a similar project, this time using hdc stitch, it is faster to work and looks similar to the single crochet blanket.


Nako wool Yarn: 4 Balls (similar yarn here)

Crochet hook: 4MM


ch: chain

hdc: half double crochet

sl st: slip stitch

Written Pattern:

ch 112

Row 1: hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook, hdc in every ch till end of the row. ( 110 st)

Row 2: ch1, hdc in the same st as ch1, hdc in every st till the end of the row.

Row 3: ch1, hdc in the same st as ch 1, hdc in every st till the end of the row, hdc in the last st ( previous ch1 of previous row)

Repeat  Row 3 till row, changing color using the color chart provided.

The edge

From the last worked st in the last row, work 2 sc in the same st, work 1 sc in every sp in the side blanket till you get to the next corner where you will repeat 2 sc and continue 1 sc in every st.

Continue the same till you get back to the starting point, join with a sl st, ch 1 and repeat the same row for 5 more times.

Color chart

L: light color

D: dark color

3l, 2d, 3l, 3d, 3l, 2d,3l, 2d, 3l, 3d, 3l, 2d, 3l, 2d, 3l, 3 d, 3l, 2d, 3l, 10d, 3l, 2d.


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