How to crochet the scallop/shell stitch blanket

Welcome back to all crochet lovers, if you are first time visiting I hope you find something helpful and interesting, here I'm showing how to achieve the scallop stitch easily for you to begin a project of your choice, just follow the pattern down and for better application watch the video, I have also made a video for whoever is left handed so everyone has a share, enjoy!!!

-Written Pattern

Make a slip knot, ch a multiple of 6 +2 turn

Row1: sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sk2, 5dc on the next ch, sk2, sc in the next ch, repeat till end of the row.

Row2: ch3, 2dc in the same space, 1sc in the 3rd st ( top of the previous cluster), skip 2, 5dc in the next st ( previous sc crochet of the previous row).

Row3: * sc in the first st, sk2, 5dc in the next st#, sk2, 1sc in the next st, repeat from* to # till end of the row.

Repeat row 3 till you obtain the length desired of your project.

Here you will find the first post for the blanket I made years ago


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