Crochet an Open cocoon blanket pattern

This is a family size cocoon blanket, truly good for two and more, a fun crochet project to work and to use at home, if you go camping or anywhere to wish and moreover it is open at the bottom with a strap to close the opening, I hope you like this fun project and try it.

Etsy PDF Pattern

Love crafts Pattern


14 yarn balls, medium worsted

8 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle (optional)


Length: 100 cm

Upper width: 110 cm

Lower width: 57 cm


10 cm: 12 rows/ 11 sts

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Color chart

14 colors, 1 skein of each

1- Paddy 

2- Denim

3- Soft navy

4- Oatmeal

5- Green hunter

6- Ever green

7- Light blue

8- Charcoal

9- Gray heather

10- Gold

11- Light grey

12- Denim

13- Off white

For the strap, you can use any color of your choice, I chose dark green.


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

Written Pattern

Ch 120

With the chain facing the outer side, join with a sl st.

Round 1: ch1, sc in every ch, join with a sl st

Round 2: ch1, 2sc in the 1st st, sc in the next st, repeat (2sc in the following st, 1sc in the next one) until the end of the round, join.

Round 3 to 130: ch1, sc in every st.

Color change, insert any new color to the last st, ch, sc an continue with the work.

For the strap:

Ch 160

Sl st in every st back to the initial ch, fasten off.

Insert the strap with a tapestry needle in the 1st round leaving around 10 sts between every insert till you are back to the initial chain.


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