Single crochet bandeau pattern


This bandeau is one of the easiest you can make in less than 2 hours, you control how big or small you want it and how large as well, you start by making a triangle and shaping it into a bandeau and end up with the triangle as well.

For the length, I did total of 90 rows, but you can make it less or more depending on who is it for. If you want a thinner bandeau, you crochet lesser rows for the triangle and continue with the single crochet rows as normal.

PDF Pattern


72/13 cm


10 cm: 15 sts/ 12 rows


1 yarn skein of medium worsted n4/ salmon color

6 mm crochet hook

Video link


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Sts: stitches

Sc: single crochet

Sctog: single crochet together

Written pattern

Ch2, 2sc in the 2nd ch from the hook.

Row 1: ch1, 2 sc in the 1st st as ch 1, sc in the next st.

Row2: ch1, 2sc in the 1st st, sc in the next sts.

Row 3 to 15: repeat row 2

Row 16 to 75: ch1, sc in every st.

Row 76: ch1, 2 sctog in the 1st 2 sts, sc in every st.

Row 77 till the last row: repeat row 76.

You'll be left with only 1 st, pull the yarn through, fasten off


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