Mitered granny square pillow cover pattern

Very pretty pattern to achieve in less than a day, the mitered granny square gives a pretty look to the different colors used and is as easy as the granny square, a video tutorial is joined to demonstrate how to achieve it easily.

Etsy PDF Pattern

Love crafts Pattern


6 mm crochet hook

1 ball of each color

Mustard, dark blue, light blue


47/47 cm


10 cm: 21 sts/7 rows

Video link 1

Video link 2

Change color


ch: chain

st: stitch

sl st: slip stitch

dc: double crochet

cluster, 3 dc in the space

Color chart

First 4 rows, mustard color, followed by 4 rows dark blue and followed by 4 rows light blue. Repeat a total of 3 times. 32 rows

Written pattern

Make 2 pieces

Row 1: ch4, join to the first ch to form a ring, ch3, 2dc in the ring, ch2, 3dc in the ring, ch2, 3dc in the ring, ch2, 3dc in the ring, ch1, join to the top ch 3.

Row 2: ch3, 2dc in the same space, in the next space (3dc, ch2, 3dc) repeat in the next 2 spaces, in the last one (where you started the first cluster) 3dc, ch1, join to the top initial ch 3.

Row 3: ch3, 2 dc in the same sp, 3 dc in the next sp, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in the next corner, 3 dc in the next sp, 3 dc in the next corner. Turn

Row 4: ch3, 3 dc in the next 2 sp, (3dc, ch2, 3 dc) all in the corner, 3 dc in the next 2 sp, dc in the last St. turn

Change color by adding the new yarn with a sl st to the last st, repeat row 4 for the next 4 rows.

Change color every 4 rows and repeat row 4 till row 32.

Joining the two pieces:

Holding the two pieces facing one another, join the yarn to any sp 2, ch1, sc in the sp, sc in every st around, insert the pillow in the last side and continue sc until the pillow is fully closed. Fasten off.


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