Granny stripes shawl crochet pattern

This shawl is straight forward to make, it starts with a granny triangle and builds up very quickly, you can choose any color you want or use one color

PDF Pattern


163/ 122/ 122 cm


 10 cm: 7 rows/ 20 sts 


 4 medium worsted yarn (4)

 2 red 

2 cream 

Crochet hook 7 mm

Video tutorial


 Ch: chain 

St: stitch

 Sl st: slip stitch

 Sp: space

 Cluster: 3 double crochet

 Dc: double crochet 

Sc: single crochet 

Written pattern 

With red color

 Row 1: Ch 4, 3dc in the 4th ch from the hook, ch2, 3 dc in the same ch, ch1, dc 

Row 2: ch3, 3dc (cluster) in the sp, in the corner (cluster, ch2, cluster), 3dc in the last sp. 

Change color to white With the hook inserted in the last st, join the new color

 Row 3: ch3, 3dc in the sp, 3 dc in the next sp, in the corner (cluster, ch2, cluster) 3 dc in every sp till the end of the row With each color make 2 rows.

 Repeat row 3 until the end of the work or row 40 

Once the entire shawl completed, in the last row, ch1 and start working the edge throughout the shawl, making ( sc, dc, sc) in every sp till the end and the same in the spaces between clusters. Nothing to be worked on top of the double crochet.


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