Molly flower Palestinian flag crochet Pattern


This pattern is written according to the final look of the flag, the molly flowers are worked individually and later attached together in a way to form the flag, how to place different colors and rows is explained in this pattern as well as the number of flowers with different colors in each row.

PDF Pattern


1 red skein, 1 black, 1 cream and 1 green

Medium worsted yarn (4)

Crochet hook 6 mm

Tapestry needle


Flower: 5cm

Flag: 67/51 cm

Video link tutorial

Number of flowers

Color chart:

28 red flowers

36 green flowers

36 black flowers

25 white flowers

Number of rows: 14 rows


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Sl st: slip stitch

Sc: single crochet

Written pattern

Molly flower crochet

Ch4, join to form a circle

Round1: sc in the circle, join

Round2: *ch3, “insert the hook in the 1st st, pull through a large loop”. Repeat “” total 6 times including the 1st one, pull through all, ch 2, sl st in the next st**. Repeat from * to ** in every st till you have 6 petals, sl st under the initial ch 3.

Attaching the molly flowers using the tapestry needle

To make the perfect alignments of the flowers always place one petal between the opposite 2 petals of the next flower.

Row 1: Start by placing the 7 first red flowers in one line and stitch them together (see the Video)

Row 2: 1 black flower, 6 red flowers, 1 green flower

Row 3: 2 black flowers, 5 red, 2 green

Row 4: 3 black, 4 red, 3 green

Row 5: 3 black, 3 red, 3 green

Row 6: 3 black, 1 white, 2 red, 1 white, 3 green

Row 7: 3 black, 1 white, 1 red, 1 white, 3 green

Row 8 to 14: 3 black, 3 white, 3 green. Fasten off.


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