Palestinian flag crochet pattern

The flag is worked from bottom to top from the red color and adding the black and green as you go in rows, the pattern is not difficult to follow and easy to achieve along with the video, only 1 ball of yarn of each color is needed and only the single crochet stitch is used.

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Love Crafts Pattern


1yarn ball, 






53 cm/82 cm


10cm: 14 rows/ 12 sts

Video link


Ch: chain

St: stitch

Sc: single crochet






Row1: all red

Row 2: 1B,58 R, 1G

Row3: 2B,56 R,2G

Row4: 3B, 54R, 3G

Row5: 4B,52R, 4G

Row6: 5B,50R, 5G

Row7: 6B,48R, 6G

Row8: 7B,46R, 7G

Row9: 8B,44R, 8G

Row10: 9B,42R, 9G

Row11: 10B,40R, 10G

Row12: 11B,38R, 11G

Row13: 12B,36R, 12G

Row14: 13B,34R, 13G

Row15: 14B,32R, 14G

Row16: 15B,30R, 15G

Row17: 16B,28R, 16G

Row18: 17B,26R, 17G

Row19: 18B,24R, 18G

Row20: 19B,22R, 19G

Row21: 20B,20R, 20G

Introduce the white color after the last black stitch and before the green

Row22: 20B,1W,18R,1W, 20G

Row23: 20B,2w,16R,2w, 20G

Row24: 20B,3W,14R,3W 20G

Row25: 20B,4W,12R, 4W,20G

Row26: 20B,5W,10R,5W, 20G

Row27: 20B,6W,8R,6W 20G

Row28: 27B,7W,6R,7W, 27G

Row29: 28B,8W,4R, 8W,28G

Row30: 29B,9W,2R, 9W29G

Row31: 30B,10W,0R,10W, 30G

Row32 TO 110: 20B,20W,20G

Written pattern

With the red color,Ch 61

Row1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch.

Row2: introducing the black color, join the color through the last worked st, ch1, turn, sc in the 1st st with the black, put it aside, continue sc with the red color till the last st, where you’ll introduce the green color ( in the last st), work the last sc with the green.

Row 3: still with the green color, ch1, sc in the 1st and 2nd st, put it aside, continue with the red color. In the last red st before the black make a sc with the black and continue to the last st ( 2 black sts). Turn

Row 4: still with the black, ch1, sc in the next 3 sts, with red continue sc in every red st. In the last red st before the green, reintroduce the green color, sc in the next sts till the end, turn.

Continue repeating row 4 till there is row 21 where you’ll introduce the white color after the last black st the same way we did with the previous colors and before the green of the same row, continue following the color chart until the red is finished and you are left only with 3 colors, then you continue 20 stitches of each color till row 110. Fasten off.


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