Moss stitch bandana crochet pattern


This bandana is worked as a triangle from bottom to top, it is easy to make once you get the beginning right, it is very quick to make, and the result is pretty .

PDF Pattern

Video tutorial


Triangle: 49 cm 

width/ 34 cm

 length Straps: 29 cm 

Gauge 10 cm: 13 rows/ 14 sts 


Red heart super saver gray 

Crochet hook: 6mm 


 Ch: chain

 Sc: single crochet 

Sl st: slip stitch

 Sp: space 

Written pattern 


 Row 1: sc, ch1, sc all in the 2nd ch from the hook.

 Row 2: ch2, ( sc, ch, sc) all in the previous ch 1 sp, sc in the last sp (from the initial ch3) 

Row 3 to row 35: ch2, ( sc, ch1, sc ) all in the 1st sp, ch1, sc in the next sp, repeat ch1, sc in the next sp till the end of the row

At the end of row 35, ch 40, sl st back though the chain, repeat row 3 till the other end of the bandana and repeat the chain 40, sl st back again. Fasten off.  


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