Wave stitch neck warmer crochet pattern

PDF Pattern

1 ball each pink and grey of sport acrylic yarn 
Crochet hook: 4 mm

27/21 cm 


Dc: double crochet 
Ch: chain
 Sk: skip 
St: stitch 

Written Pattern

 Ch multiple of 9 or ch 118
 Row 1: dc in the 3rd ch from the hook, dc in the next 2 ch, 3 dc in the next ch, 1dc in the next 3 ch, sk 2, dc in the next 3 ch, 3dc in the next ch , repeat from to, dc in the last ch. 
Row 2: ch2, sk 2 dc in the next 3 st, 3dc in the next st, dc in the next 3 st, sk 2, dc in the next 3 st, repeat till the end of the row. 
Changing color: join the yarn to the last stitch, making sure to secure the loose thread under the stitch, continue following the pattern. 
Alternate the colors every two rows until the end of the work Row 3 to 44: repeat row 2. Sl st the side to close the neck warmer. Fasten off.


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