Knit stitch headband crochet pattern

  This pattern consists of a repetitive row throughout the work however each time you reach the end of a row, you must ensure the last stitch is worked, for that count your stitches in each row. 


Loops and threads soft and shiny, cream

 4 mm crochet hook

 Measurements 40 cm/9 cm before joining the 2 ends 


 Ch: chain

 Sl st: slip stitch

 St: stitch 

Written Pattern 

Ch 16 

Row 1: sl st in the 2nd ch from the hook, sl st in every ch till the end of the row. (15) 

Row 2: ch1, sl st in the 1st st and every st. (15) 

Repeat row 2 till your work measures 40 cm or until desired length. Join the 2 ends together by sl st till the end. Fasten off.



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