Ribbed Mango Cardigan inspired Crochet pattern

This cardigan is worked full piece from back to front without stitching and arms worked separately .
It is as mentioned inspired from the mango cardigan. The result was similar and it was a nice wear made by myself.
So starting from the bottom back side and going up.
Once you reach the shoulder , you'll start working on one side then come back and work the second side by attaching the yarn again.
Once completed, you'll leave the arm opening and stitch the rest.
The arms are worked flat the same way we started then stitched to the cardigan.


Crochet hook: 4 mm

48/ 61 cm
Sleeves: 16/ 15 cm


Ch: chain
St: stitch
Dc: double crochet
Back loop: the second loop of a stitch
Front post dc: yarn over, insert the hook behind the dc and out, pull the yarn and work the double crochet
Back post dc: yarnover, place the hook behind the dc and out in front (the st must be behind the crochet hook) work your dc.
Sp: space

Written pattern

back; ch 80
Front each side: ch 45
Arms each: ch 45
Pockets ch 25
Row 1: dc in the 3rd ch from the hook. dc in every ch. turn
Row 2: ch2, (working on the back loop only) dc in the 1st back loop st, dc in every back loop st. turn
Row 3 to 50: Repeat row 2
For the front right and left side, join the yarn from the outer side, ch2 and repeat the same pattern for 50 rows
repeat the same pattern for all the pieces following the corresponding number of chains
stitching the cardigan:
place the completed back and front side flat in order to stitch the sleeves, place one sleeve in half on each side (back and front), you can fold the sleeve and place it next to the shoulder row then place a st marker to know the middle, start sewing from one side going onto the other side then continue sewing the side of the cardigan, repeat the same for the second sleeve.
stitch the side of the arms the same way.
for the pockets, place them 4 rows above the end of cardigan and stitch the sides
Making the outer border:
join the yarn from the end side of the cardigan, ch2, 2 dc in every sp (the ch2 of each row) till you reach the other end of the cardigan.
Row 2: ch2, back loop dc in every st till the end of the row
Row 3: ch2, front loop dc in every st
Row 4: Repeat row 2
Row 5: repeat row 3
and that's it, fasten off, the cardigan is ready, now don't forget to block the cardigan, the best and easiest way is to place a cotton piece on the cardigan and iron it with a low temperature heat to give it a proper and even shape.


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