Granny Triangle Crochet Pattern

 granny triangle crochet pattern 


I have used sugar and cream cotton yarn with 5 mm crochet hook however you can use whichever yarn you wish with the recommended crochet hook on the yarn label


Will depend on the yarn and hook you use

Downloadable Pattern

Video link


Ch: chain

Sl st: slip stitch

Dc: double crochet

Sp : space

Written Pattern

ch3, join with a sl st to form a ring

Round 1: ch3, 3dc in the ring, ch2, 3 dc in the ring, ch 2, 3 dc in the ring, join with a sl st.

Round 2: ch3, in the next sp make (3dc, ch2, 3 dc), repeat the same in the next sp, in the last sp, make (3dc, ch2, 2dc) join to the initial ch3.

Round 3: ch3, 2dc, ch2, 2dc all in the sp, 3 dc in the next sp, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) all in the next sp now called a corner, 3 dc in the next sp. Repeat, in the corners (3dc, ch2, 3dc) and on the side spaces 3 dc.

Repeat round 3 till you obtain the size you wish for the triangle granny.

Blocking the granny square will give it a better and more edged look


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