Granny striped water bottle holder crochet pattern

 This project is worked in round throughout the work and uses granny stripes pattern, it is done for small water bottles and cups for a bigger size, you must increase the flat circle in the beginning, means in the third round, you make 1 space with cluster and the next space with double cluster (cluster, ch1, cluster all in the same space)


Bernat cotton yarn:

Crochet hook: 4 MM


23/ 13 cm the bottle holder

45 cm is the strap.

PDF Pattern


Ch: chain

dc: double crochet

sl st: slip stitch

cluster: 3 double crochet in one space

sp: space

sk: skip

Written Pattern


Round 1: 2 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, ch1, 3 dc in the same ch, ch1, 3 dc in the same ch, you should obtain 6 clusters. Join to the beginning ch.

Round 2: ch4, in the next ch1 sp, make cluster ch1, cluster, repeat the same (cluster, ch1, cluster) in all the ch1 sp, in the last sp, make cluster, ch1, 2 dc and join.

Round 3 till round 17: ch3, in every sp, make a cluster, ch1, till the end of the work, join.

After round 17 is completed, from that point ch 150, in the opposite side where you started the chain, join to secure the strap, sl st back to the starting point to make the strap solid, sl st around the opening of the bottle, fasten off.


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