How to crochet easy thick textured slippers

 I don't know if you have noticed, but I have this thing when I fall in love with a stitch, I try to recreate it in many ways possible.

I have previously done it with the bobble stitch which I still love so much and I still have many projects to make using it.

this time, it is the front post stitch, the pretty thing about this stitch is not only the look of it but also how thick it is, it creates kind of a double layer which clearly is needed in this cold weather.

these are the thickest slippers I have ever made since I learned crocheting and I can tell you they are very nice!

Here are some of my previous slippers I have made if you 'd like to try and crochet them

slippers with bow

Crochet Warm slippers

For this project I have used a thick, chunky yarn and a 7 mm crochet hook which is smaller than the hook size recommended.

Yarn you can use:


ch: chain
st: stitch
dc: double crochet
Front post stitch: yarn over, insert the hook behind the next stitch and out, work the double crochet.

written pattern:
Using a 7 mm crochet hook,
ch4, 20 dc in the 4th ch from the hook, place a st marker at the end.
Round 1 to 16: without joining at the end of the round, make a front post stitch in the first st and in every stitch till round 16.
Round 17: ch1, turn, 1 sc in every st till you are left with 3 unworked st, stop.
Round 18: ch2, front post stitch in the next st and every stitch.
Round 19- 21: Repeat round 17
Round 20- 22: Repeat round 18
Leaving a long thread for sewing, stitch the heel inside out  and fasten off.

Tigerwood Special Edition Hook


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