Crocodile stitch Shawl

The crocodile stitch is one of the prettiest stitches in crochet however can be intimidating as it looks complicated, also it consumes a lot of yarn and takes time to build and finish however if you are making it for you or a loved one or even planning to sell it for a good price, it is worth the time and yarn.

I have started a shawl sometime ago and made a big blanket as well and now I'm sharing with you the pattern and I hope you find it easy to follow and understand.

Don't forget to watch the video for more ease and let me know if you have any questions


Yarn 3 balls

Crochet Hook 4mm

Video tutorial


ch: chain

dc: double crochet

st: stitch

Crocodile stitch: in the 1st dc holding the v space, work 5 dc, ch1, with the 2nd dc facing you from the v space, work another 5 dc.

Written Pattern:


Round 1: dc in the 4th ch from the hook, ch1, 5dc in the space between the ch 6 and dc. ch1, 5dc in the same space.

Round2: ch3, 1dc in the same st as ch3, ch2, 2 dc in the next space, ch2, 2dc in the last st.

Round 3: ch1, 5dc in the space ( holding the first dc), ch1, 5 dc in the same space from the side of the second dc ( facing the first one). skip the next space, work the crocodile st in the next space.

Round4: Repeat round 2

Round 5: Repeat round 3

Alternate between row 2 and 3 and expanding the number of stitches in every row, the row 2 is the base you will build the crocodile stitch on.


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