Single Crochet triangle Head Scarf


So when you love a stitch so much, you try to recreate it in many ways possible, especially when you can make so many projects using it.

Lately some of my videos are getting successful which helps me detect what my viewers like the most and from my YouTube Channel and blog, I could see that the granny stripes or summer head scarf is very much loved by a lot of crocheters.

I have tried this pattern  with the winter version, the winter headscarf and I didn't expect me to love it so much, it is chic and different  from the beanie or beret, if you like to be stylish and different, you'll love wearing it like I do.

Here is the pattern for it

So now because of both, I'm making the summer version, it is a little different in crocheting but is as easy as both, just a little twist in the middle.

You'll notice while working this headscarf that the border is created nicely when you turn to start a new row, it's like you made it separately but actually it is within your stitches.

The granny stripes head scarf 

Best Yarn to use for this scarf:

Kartopu (similar)

Lion brand

Crochet hook 3MM

Video Tutorial

Written pattern:

Make a slip knot


Row 1: 2sc in the 2nd ch from the hook

Row2: ch1, 2sc in the first st, 1 sc in the last st

Row3: ch1, 2sc in the first st, sc in the next stitches

Repeat row 3 till row 30

Row 31 till row 80 : ch1, 2sc in the first st, sc in every st, 2sc in the last st.

Fasten off and that's it, it is ready to be worn.

Tigerwood Special Edition Hook


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