Easy head scarves anyone can achieve (Crochet)


I have done 4 different ones so far and still looking to make more fun ones to wear anywhere . They are fun, simple, chic and unique.

These scarves are easy to achieve even for beginners, in each one, You'll find a link to the written pattern and video tutorial and also pdf pattern if you prefer to keep them.

This headscarf is a triangle shape however it is worked in stripes, if you notice other patterns will start shaping the triangle from up to bottom, for this pattern I'm proposing, it is easier, it starts from bottom to up. It takes only 2 hours max to achieve.

Click for the detailed tutorial.

The v stitch head scarf

this is a similar one to the granny square but worked using the V stitch.

Working this scarf is the same way from bottom to up and the increase process in every row is the same, follow the written pattern and video tutorial to achieve this simple and easy head scarf.

Here it is

Now to my very favorite one,

The single crochet headscarf

Did I ever mention that single crochet is my absolute favorite stitch!! I can't say enough on how neat, elegant , clean and chic this stitch is, it looks nice on any pattern and project. Although it takes time finish on any given project but i still love it.

this scarf I made is for winter, because I thing  head scarves can be worn for winters as well as summer and this one is really chic.

Same process, you work from bottom up, starting with single crochet and increasing in every row, this one does not need any stripes which makes it even easier.

Here is the pattern for it.

And the last one I did is

The c2c headscarf 

you see when you first look at the c2c, you might think that it is a very complicated stitch

However when you start working the first few rows, you'll notice it builds up very quickly.

The c2c builds up to a triangle anyway, so you just have to achieve the width of the triangle you want then you start making the stripes

Follow the pattern and video here.

The granny square head scarf

If you love granny square, you'll love to make a headscarf out of them, as always, the squares are very easy to make, the only time consuming part is the joining but don't worry I've got video tutorials for each step. even the triangle granny.

Check the post here

And One last one and most famous of all in my blog and YouTube channel:

the granny stripes summer headscarf,

This received so much love that I never expected, till today I don't know why but I'm happy that crocheters loved to make it and wear it, may be you'll like it too.

Bundle PDF Patterns

so these are all the headscarves I made this year and I'm sharing them all with you in one post,

soon I'll be publishing a book including all of these patterns for you to keep and use whenever you please.


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