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How to crochet an easy Textured Beanie

Save 50.0% on select products from MOUSYA with promo code 50954MYF, through 1/31 while supplies last. So this beanie is worked in rounds and it is very easy to achieve, there is no increase, decrease, there is very minimal sewing at the end and the beanie looks nice and most important very warm. I love the stitch that I have used because it creates like a double layer at the back side of the beanie, it's like you are making two stitches in one, however it is that one stitch creating the double effect and for winter there is nothing better than having a nice beanie like that. The color change is not a must, because I didn't have 2 of the same color, I matched another color with it, I simply attached the two yarn threads together and continued working. Also for the number of stitches, the written pattern is based on medium/ large size, you can make around 50 chains for medium size, bear in mind that this is a chunky yarn.    PDF PATTERN: ETSY RAVELRY Materials: Kar

Crochet a mini pillow or any size pillow

 So this is a very easy project to achieve quickly at home mostly in less than a day, whether it is a big pillow you are making or a small one, the pattern is straight forward and easy.

I have done the video sometime ago and updated with the written pattern, although it doesn't need  a pattern but I know some crocheters prefer it that way.

I have done a mini one in this tutorial, however if you prefer a bigger size ,you just have to make more chains and measure it on the required pillow, or if you don't have pillow, depending on how many cm or inches is the pillow you want to make and measure it accordingly.


Red heart soft yarn white

Crochet Hook

Fiber filler

Cotton filler

Video tutorial

Written Pattern

Make Two pieces of the same

Ch 20

Row1: in the second ch from the hook, 1 sc, sc in every ch till end of the row. 

Row2: ch1, sc in the same st as ch1, sc in every st till the end of the row.

Row3 to Row 20: Repeat row2

Holding the two pieces against each other, start sewing the sides using a sewing needle till you are left with a small opening, start filling the pillow with the fiber filler or cotton then finish sewing and fasten off.

This pillow can be of any size, all depends on how many chains you choose to make at the beginning, very easy to achieve and pretty looking.


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