Crochet the mosaic pattern blanket

Welcome back everyone to a new post and pattern, not so long ago I fell in love with the mosaic pattern and started learning how to make it, the different patterns look very chic and classy in blankets and in almost any shape, so i decided to try and see how it turns out and here I'm sharing the pattern with you together with the video tutorial, you can use many yarn types with this, depending on what you want to make, so it is flexible, I have already made coaters and they look stunning, I'll soon share the pattern with you but for now this one is for a blanket.

PDF Pattern

Yarn used

Crochet hook

Video Tutorials:

Left handed

Right handed

Written Pattern:

 With color A ,ch 100 or any number of your choice.

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch till end of the row.

Change to color B

Row 2: Ch1,  sc in the same st as ch1, back loop sc in every st till the end of the row.

Change to color A

Row 3: ch1, sc in the same st as ch1, 1 back loop sc in the next 5 st, 1 dc in the back loop of the next loop of the previous row. Repeat, 1 back loop SC in the next 5 st, 1 front loop DC in the next drop down st ( of the same color), SC in the last st.

In every start and end of row, you'll have to make a sc, also in the beginning you'll have to follow the stitches, means, if you have 2 stitches before the drop down dc, you make 1 back loop sc and 1 drop down dc.

You continue row 3 for every row and with color change.


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