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Crochet letter Z

  Written Pattern ch 16 Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch. Row2 to 5: ch1, sc in every st. Row 6: Ch1, 2 sctog in the 1st 2 st, sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in the last st. Row 7: ch1, 2 sc in the 1st st, sc in the next 2 st, 2 sctog in the last 2 st. Row 8, 10: repeat row 6 Row 9: Repeat row 7. Row10 : Continue chaining 10. Row 11: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch and every st. Row 11 to 14: ch1, sc in every st. Fasten off.

Crunch stitch soft baby blanket

I have done a video tutorial about this stitch last year. In that month I decided to explore different stitches and make a month of stitch tutorials, one of these was the crunch stitch.

The beauty of this stitch or a similar one is that you have the texture in the project, in my case a blanket and the ease of it, this stitch is so easy to achieve that it is unbelievable and it is very pretty as well.

So this blanket is a small baby blanket but you can make it bigger if you wish, you just need to make more chains in the beginning, I have used a random acrylic yarn and the highest recommended hook number on the label. 

Blanket measures 50 cm wide and 78 cm long


 10cm:  18 rows 17 st


51/ 54 cm

Video tutorial:

Right handed


Ch: chain 

St: stitch

Sl st: slip stitch

Hdc: half double crochet 

Written Pattern:

ch 80

Row 1: on the 2nd ch from the hook, make a sl st, hdc in the next st, in the next st , sl st, repeat till end of the row.

Row 2:  ch 1, hdc in the first st, sl st in the next st, repeat.

alternate between row 1 and 2


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