Tips for crochet beginners. what I wish I knew.

I never thought before that crochet would become part of my life and my main motivation, I can not explain it but I love crochet so much, it keeps me busy, makes me forget everything bad and motivates me to create new things.
In primary school, we used to learn all these things, crochet, embroidery, sewing and all Andi used to hate because the teacher wasn't nice 😒 but when i grow older, much older, I returned back to it.
It was in 2007 back when I first travelled to US. I was walking in Walmart and suddenly there was like a dream tunnel full of colors which I don't know how to exactly describe the feeling but I felt so happy when I saw colorful yarn and crochet hooks and a lot of related things.

Anyway, things I wish I knew before I started crocheting  are basic but important especially if you have no clue about crochet and how to get started. Let's start with point n 1

Yarn :
When you see yarn, you see beautiful colors, nice textures but you wouldn't know that there is difference in thickness, material and quality, this is mainly important when you are going to choose the crochet hook matching your yarn.
Every yarn ball has a label and it is important to start by reading the label before starting to buy or even crochet.
Usually in the label you'll find information about the yarn thread what it is made of : acrylic , wool, cotton, bamboo, merino. Silk or even a mix of any.
Usually most crocheters would use acrylic because obviously it is the most affordable. Wool is expensive, silk , let's not talk about it, knowing that for any given project you'll need more than 5 balls unless it is a small project like a hat then one should be fine, but for other big projects it's quite a budget.

Second thing you read in the label and it's very important, I wish I knew before I made any banker thinking why it was so heavy and ugly 😱, the crochet hook recommended, you need to follow that, use the crochet hook recommended in the label, not smaller, not bigger, otherwise you would've wondering why my project looks weired ! 
The thickness of the yarn is also important, you'll find in the label  a part which says ( medium4, or 3, or 2) that defines how thick or thin your yarn is and that will also help in deciding the crochet hook you want to use and most importantly  what project to do, usually medium 4 is perfect for a wide variety of crochet projects.

Crochet hook
So for the crochet hook, we already mentioned that following the yarn label, you have to choose you hook, but then again there is a variety of crochet hooks available, there is plastic, egronomic , aluminum and many others, I personally find aluminum best forme the way I hold my hook, they slide fast when I crochet, they are not really heavy and very flexible ( this is my personal opinion). But then you have to try to know what's best for you.

Check my shop for some of my favorite yarn and crochet hooks that I have used during all these years.
I hope that you found the information here useful before you start and have fun crocheting 😊


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