Easy crochet summer handbag Pattern

  I wanna tell you the story how I came to crochet this purse. I was in a bank, a week or so ago and I saw a lady with a nice sleeveless dress and holding a small silver crochet bag, a little bigger than this one and I immediately thought, Wow! people like to carry crochet work! it looked nice how she carried it, so I thought why not share this with you all. Crochet is very diverse, can be elegant and chic, or cozy and homey, but it is always pretty and fascinating when seen on others.

So I have in mind many ideas of different crochet bag, but this one was first, easy and cool for now.

I hope you like it and will try and make your own, you can use thicker yarn or lighter using 2 strands, it is completely up to you, so head on to the pattern and everything that you need.

Etsy Pdf Pattern

Ravelry Pdf Pattern



Crochet hook: 4MM

Used yarn

Suggested yarn

Left handed Tutorial

Right handed Tutorial


ch: chain

st: stitch

sl st: slip stitch

hdc: half double crochet

Written Pattern:

Using 2 strands together  Ch 40

Row 1: in the 2nd ch from the hook, 2sc, 1 sc in every ch till the last ch, 2sc in the last ch.

Row 2: holding your work upside-down, make 1 sc in the same ch where you made 2sc, 1 sc in every ch till the last ch, 1 sc in the last ch where you did the 2 sc ( in the beginning row).

Place a st marker, on top of the beginning sc, place 1sc which will be the start of the second row( we are working in spiral for the next 5rows)

So sc around for the next 5 rows until you are back to the st marker where you will start making hdc in every st till row for the next 10 rows ( that means with the sc rows, you will have total of 15 rows)

Making the handles:

From your st marker or your last point, hdc in the next 16 st, ch11, sk 11 st, hdc in the 12th st, continue hdc for the next 16 st, again ,ch11, sk 11 st, hdc in the 12th st, hdc in evry st till you are back to the handle.

On top of the handle you will make 11 hdc, continue hdc in every st till the 2nd handle, 11hdc in the handle again,  from that point sl st around , fasten off.


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