Crochet the bobble stitch hexagon

So I have initially posted a written pattern and a video tutorial on how to make the bobble stitch hexagon, which was......... a disaster ! I tried my best to figure out how to make the hexagon but all my trials failed, I didn't know where I was going wrong until few days ago, where I tried to make the single crochet hexagon and Oh my god! it worked.

After successfully making both hexagon, the single crochet and the bobbles, I can tell you that the concept is very easy and straightforward, something which didn't come to my mind before.

All sides of the hexagon must be equal to get the right shape, this means, if you make 15 stitches, the hexagon sides must also be 15 stitches and the top or the finishing of the hexagon ( the last row) must also be 15 stitches, That simple!

I love the bobble stitch in all its shapes and I can't stop exploring different shapes I can create using this stitch.

Here are some of the  blog posts ( videos included) on some bobble stitch shape I have created:

Bobble stitch blanket

Bobble stitch circle

Bobble stitch triangle



st: stitch

sl st: slip stitch

ch: chain

sc: single crochet

2 sctog: 1 incomplete single crochet in 2 stitches joined together

Sk: skip

Bobble stitch: yarn over, insert hook in the st, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2**, don't complete, repeat from* to**, once you have 6 loops on your hook, pull through all to form the bobble.


Red heart soft yarn

Crochet hook 5 MM

PDF Pattern : Etsy

PDF Pattern : Ravelry

Left handed tutorial

Right handed tutorial

Written pattern:

 ch 16

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in every ch, 2 sc in the last ch, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, bobble in the first st, sc in the next st, alternate between bobble and sc st, in the last st, you will do the bobble and a loose sc st all in the same st. ch1, turn

Row 3: sc in every st, 2 sc in the last st.

Alternate rows between bobble and sc until you achieve 7 rows of bobbles.( until row 14)


Row 15: ch1, 2 sctog, sc in every st till end of the row.

Row 16: Ch1, sk the 1st st as ch 1, bobble in the next st, sc in the next st, after the last bobble, sl st in the last st. turn.

Alternate between row 15 and 16 until 27 which will be a normal single crochet row ( no decrease), fasten off.


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