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Crochet letter Z

  Written Pattern ch 16 Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch. Row2 to 5: ch1, sc in every st. Row 6: Ch1, 2 sctog in the 1st 2 st, sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in the last st. Row 7: ch1, 2 sc in the 1st st, sc in the next 2 st, 2 sctog in the last 2 st. Row 8, 10: repeat row 6 Row 9: Repeat row 7. Row10 : Continue chaining 10. Row 11: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch and every st. Row 11 to 14: ch1, sc in every st. Fasten off.

How to crochet a donut

 The pattern for this donut is one of the easiest to do and fun.

I initially thought of making key chains and then I made a big one.

You can make it big or small with the same pattern, you only have to change the yarn to a thicker or thinner one, preferably use and acrylic yarn so you can't see the filling through the stitches as I have tried it with the cotton yarn and it didn't look pretty.


Acrylic Yarn

Crochet Hook 5.5 MM (I)


ch: chain

sc: single crochet

st: stitch

SL st: slip stitch

Written Pattern

make 2 rings

ch15, join.

Round 1: ch1, 2sc in every ch , join to the start point

Round 2 to 4: ch1, 1 sc in every st around. Fasten off

Remember to leave a long thread in the beginning ch of the first one ring before chaining and a long thread in the second piece at the  end of the work, these are meant for joining from the inside and outside.

Joining the pieces together, stitch the inside first using a sewing needle and then the outside, start putting the filler only mid way. ( refer to the video)

Left Handed

Right Handed


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