Wool eater crochet pattern

 So for many years since I started crocheting, I wanted to make this pattern but I always end up forgetting and making some other projects, however now and after so long, i did it, this beautiful pattern which will add to my and your pattern library, we will together know what to expect and how to do it.

Written Pattern

ch6, join to form a ring.

Round1: (ch5, work 4 in complete trebles in the ring, join all together, ch5, sl st into the ring) repeat 3 more times, you should obtain 4 petals in the ring.

Round2: ch2, in the loop between both ch5 in the previous petal, work 12 trebles, ch2, sl st in the initial ring, repeat the same through all petals.

Round3: Between the 3rd and fourth ch in any petal, join with a sl st,( ch5, work 5 incomplete post st  trebles, ch5, sl st in the last worked treble, ch5, in the next 4 st work 4 incomplete post st trebles, continue to the next 4 st in the next petals, join all 8 incomplete trebles together, ch 5, sl st in the last worked treble)

Repeat () till the end round.

For the rest of the work, you will be repeating row 2 and 3 tille you obtain the length required of your project.

Hope you find the tutorial and written pattern easy, let me know in the comments


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