How to buy yarn online worldwide

Hi everyone and welcome back to a new post, I hope you are excited for this post the same way I am, because I wanted to share with you these ways for so long , I actually wanted to make a video on how to buy yarn online worldwide but till today, I couldn't for some reason.

However in this post it 'll be much easier to put the links to the websites and share with you some of the sites where you can buy yarn online.

DISCLAIMER: this post is not in anyway sponsored, it only might have affiliate links like the bars you see up, in the middle or down the post from which I get a small percentage only if one of you buys from the website.

So, I have been lucky to travel the world in the past and I visited United States many many times, that's why in most of my tutorials, you will see me using red heart soft yarn, sometimes Lion brand or Loops and threads.

It is because I used to go all the time to Micheals where I can buy the yarn I wanted.

But, I had times where I wasn't able to travel to US, so I had to find websites that ships to Doha, Qatar where I used to live.

I used few websites, some of them still ship to Doha, some of them not anymore and honestly, I don't know for what reason.

Bear in mind that the shipping cost of these websites can be quite costly, sometimes as much as the yarn shopping you did.

For me because I wanted the yarn so much, I didn't hesitate to pay the fees at any time.

So the most famous and easiest one to order almost all the yarn brands you want is AMAZON, where you can find red heart yarn, lion brand and many more, I ordered once from it along other stuff and I got it shipped to Doha.

Amazon ships everywhere in the world but it can be costly especially if they want you to pay a fee deposit which till date I don't understand for what it is.

In Amazon you have to open an account, it is very easy and simple, you then put your shipping address and from there once you search for an item, it'll tell you whether  it ships to your place or not and all other information.

Usually the shipping speed for AMAZON is amazing, I usually get my orders within a week. Try and let me know.

Another website I ordered from few times however they stopped shipping to Qatar, I don't know for what reason, HERRSHNERS .

Here is the screenshot of the countries they ship to.
They usually take 2 weeks plus to send the order.

One more which is also useful when I can't buy from amazon or another place is WEBS YARN , they also ship to many countries and they have good selection of American yarn.

There are few more websites which I'll be including soon here, so I hope for now this is helpful and useful to you, let me know if you know of any websites as well.


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