Most places where you can find yarn in Qatar, Doha

If you have been following me on youtube, you would have seen my videos about where to buy yarn in Qatar as I showed two of the best places where you can find a big variety of yarn from many brands and it keeps on expanding as the demand gets higher.

So in this post , I'm gonna share with you all the places I know you can buy yarn from, be it a big selection or small for emergency crochet or knitting purpose, because when we have the urge of the hobby, we can't stop until we find a ball of yarn :) isn't it.

So here are the video links first of the two places:

Today's fashion

Singer Shop

Through these last two years they have brought more yarn variety and surprisingly more people started buying yarn.

I was shocked to see one day in today's fashion so many ladies around only the yarn section and me thinking that in Qatar nobody was interested in handmade.

When I used to initially go to today's fashion it used to be empty as nobody knew they sold yarn apart from few and later people started discovering the place.

They have the biggest selection over there however in the Singer shop they also have nice selection which you don't find in today's fashion and of a good quality too, the only thing that it is a bit more expensive.

Most of the yarn sold in today's fashion is Turkish however the one sold in the Singer shop is from UK.

Also in Daiso, you can find a good variety of yarn.

If you don't know what Daiso is, it is a Japanese store where they sell everything at 7 QR( around 2 Dollars).

If you are a beginner in crochet and knitting, it is good to start with cheap yarn which you can buy from Daiso and even start with small projects then upgrade to a better quality one.

Also Al Rawnaq has a decent selection of yarn , cotton , Acrylic and some more, the selection is not the best but at least if you need some yarn urgently, it's good to have more choices.

I hope this helps you in your shopping and facilitates finding places to buy yarn.

Please share this post for more people to find where to buy yarn from in Doha Qatar.


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