How to make a crochet hobby profitable

Hi everyone, crochet lovers.

Today , I want to share with you my small experience in the crochet world and how this hobby turned from a passtime to a kind of profitable one and still growing.

I had found my passion for crocheting when I was searching for a new hobby or passe time back in 2007.

I used to read a lot but reading wouldn't keep me busy, even though I was meeting with my friends and going out a lot, I was still bored.

So one day in one of my trips to US, more precisely new York , I went to Walmart in the same evening of my arrival .

I was walking in the store and I came across the handmade stuff,
A lot of yarns, tools, things for handmade lovers, kitchen , garden, home and all , a lot of beautiful and bright colors which caught my eye immediately and there, I fell in love.

I found my new world and I knew what I wanted to do .

I can't remember how much yarn I bought that time, but I started trying how to crochet right away.

As I learned in primary school a little how to change crochet.

But what I didn't know is that there is a crochet hook size for every yarn , so all the beginners will now relate when I say that all my work was messed up and how upset and angry I used to get not understanding what was wrong with my work.

However, that's how everything starts, you search slowly for the information, then once you learn it,you go one step up to learn another information and you keep going up until you start thinking that you were born an expert, lol, that's the beautiful thing of learning , stages for all until you get to where you want.

Anyway, so I started learning on youtube like everyone and as I was a lefty, it was a bit challenging for me as most of the crocheters that time were Right handed.

And years after, when I got more confident, I started my own channel , and this was another challenge on it's own.

Learning how to film, edit, upload, prepare an intro, share to the right platform, things I had no idea about but I was willing to learn, I don't know for what reason.

So that was another big challenge which I needed to learn from scratch, also knowing which movie editor to use.

All this is past now, however new challenges are always coming related mainly to this hobby.

So the way I started having an income however small it is was, from youtube .

I started uploading videos on youtube and of course at the beginning I got no views for a long time.

But later on, one of my videos started picking up and views started coming, although it was a video for left handed, a lot of Right handed people started watching and appreciating.

For YouTube to be an income, you need to have 1000 subscribers for you to be eligible to monetize your channel (monetizing means making money from your videos).

*If you want more details on how to make money on youtube, let me know :)

Also, although my blog is still not famous and doesn't drive a lot of traffic, it is another way of making money, the good thing about it is that you don't need to be consistent, you just need to have a good content ( clear, written patterns) interesting informations about crochet and a good amount of posts ( more than 100) this is based on my own experience.

And it could be a money stream, of course these are the digital ways and which I use my self.

Other ways which I came across and that a lot of people are also using is selling your work, you can sell written patterns for a fee or you can sell actual projects for a price you fix yourself.

I have tried selling on etsy but because of my lack of patience and consistency, I stopped, I though sold an Ipad sleeve for 40 dollars, I must say that I was proud of myself, me who has no experience about selling whatsoever.

So basically, the ways to make money through crochet are:

TEACH, by creating a youtube channel or in your community for a fee

SELL written patterns or actual projects

CREATE a blog with interesting content about crochet

I hope you can find something helpful in this post and which motivates you to start your own journey.


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