How to crochet an easy mandala

ok, finally I have made it and wrote a pattern for it.
It's been really tough to make this one, mainly because you have to keep it flat, but this is the easiest way to make a mandala using the granny square.

I have used a cotton yarn for this, however you can use whoever yarn you like it will still look pretty and beautiful.

Scroll down for the written pattern

Written Pattern

4MM  crochet hook

Cluster: 3 double crochet in 1 space

Ch6, join to form a circle.

ROW 1 ch3,2dc in the ring, ch1, 3dc in the ring considered as cluster, make 6 clusters with ch 1.

ROW 2 ch3, in the next space, make cluster, ch1, cluster. repeat in all spaces. join.

Row 3 ch3, cluster in the next space, ch1, cluster in the next space, repeat till end of the row.

ROW 4  repeat row 3

Row 5  repeat row 2

ROW 6 and 7: repeat row 3

ROW 8 : 2 clusters in one space, 1 cluster in the next space, alternate till end of round

Row 9 to 12  : Repeat row 3

Row 13 : Repeat row 8


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