How to make an easy, one day baby blanket

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If you follow me on youtube, you would have seen my latest video on how to achieve this quick and pretty blanket in one day and tips on how to achieve any blanket in one day if you have the right components which I'm gonna share with you in this post, Also, I'll include the video tutorials on how to achieve a granny square and from there you can build your blanket.

So first things first, in order to have an easy yet beautiful work, you need to start with the right crochet hook and yarn.
Without choosing the bulkiest yarn or the biggest crochet hook so it doesn't look like you didn't put any effort on your blanket.

In this project I have used a  slightly thicker yarn than i usually use and a bigger crochet hook than the recommended one in the yarn label.

Red heart soft essential was my choice and let me tell you, I love this yarn so much coz it's super soft, feels luxurious and easy to handle, I used along a 7.5 MM crochet hook which is 2MM  bigger than the recommended hook and as you can see , the result is very nice.

They have a variety of colors but again you can choose whichever yarn you want provided  you see this in the label of your yarn,

So apart from that, her are the videos on how to make a granny square for left handed and right handed as well, also, I have made 30 rows of the granny square to achieve the baby blanket and that's about it.

Etsy PDF
Ravelry PDF
If you have any question, let me know in the comments section.
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