crochet the pineapple Zara cropped top

I'm not sure if you follow me on youtube or Facebook or instagram, but I have talked about making or duplicating the Zara top which is still available by the time I release this post.

I am always pleasantly surprised when fast fashion or even better ,luxury brands sell handmades and particularly crochet wear.

I have tried to make a winter scarf similar to the Zara one as well.

In this one I have changed the top colour and used an easier stitch for the pineapple as for the Zara I think they used the worm stitch.

It is not all completed as I have to still add more pineapples but that's the final look of the top.
You'll find below the written pattern and once uploaded, I'll add the videos as usual for left handed and right handed .

You'll also find the link for the yarn I used.
I hope you try this fun project.

Body ( make 2)
Ch 100
Hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook and in every ch.
Ch2, hdc in every st.
Repeat the same in each row with 2 yarn balls or 66 rows.


Ch 80.
Hdc int the third ch from the hook and in every ch. Repeat for 15 rows

Pineapples applique 

Ch5, 7 incomplete treble crochet in the first ch from the hook, join all loops, fasten off.
Insert green color on top of the 🍍. Ch 3, sl st to thebeginningg, repeat 2 times, fasten off.
Follow along with the video tutorial .


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