What should you know before start crocheting

So for many crochet lovers when we are beginners we don't think what we need to have before start learning to crochet or what should we know first .
We just see beautiful yarn, colors, patterns and we want to make them all.
But first things first, there are some materials we need to have so we don't get stuck in the middle of a project or don't know what to do.


we need to know which hook suits us best or we like most, there are various crochet hooks in the market, aluminum, plastic, wood, with light, shaped, many to satisfy every crocheters taste!

My favorite is the aluminum, it is smooth while crocheting, easy to handle and most important durable, I'm never afraid it will ever break, may be the color will fade but that's it.

My next favorite is bamboo crochet hooks, it is also smooth but not as much as the aluminum, you might be afraid to break it but it is easy to work with.

Second: THE YARN


You need to know which yarn you want for which projects and which season, there are huge variety of yarn in the market which makes it sometimes difficult to choose, that's why most of crochet lovers are addicts .

Most common yarn material is Acrylic, it is affordable, it has many thickness and can use it for many projects.

A tip on how you know you are a crochet addict??

when you walk into a yarn store and you are happier than when you walk into a diamond store  :)



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