How to crochet the Molly flower

So after I wrote the pattern yesterday night, this was  the 09/03/2020, instead of drafting I deleted it by mistake and here I am writing it again.

I had to share that burden with you :)

Now let's get into today's post and talk a bit about the Molly flower which was one my tutorial list to do that I kept delaying, coz in general not many crocheters are interested in flowers.

But when I saw what #Zara made with the flower I said I have to do it now, as it looked very pretty on a sweater or top, look at this

So I haven't seen or tried this top yet in store to see whether it is light weight or heavy however I would rather use a light weight yarn for this top and I would make a shawl or a cape for spring/summer look.

So without further due let's get into the written pattern.


ch 4, join to form a circle

ROW1 : ch1, 6 sc in the circle, close.

ROW 2 : ch3, in the same stitch, 6 incomplete dc, join all together, ch 2, sl st in the next chain.

ROW 3 : in the same ch of the sl st, ch 2, 6 incomplete dc, join,ch2.

Repeat row 3 till you obtain 6 puffs, sl st under the first puff.

That's it, your flower is completed .


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