Crochet a round bowl /basket

So this is a very easy and fun project to do and can be used for many things in the house, you can also make it big small medium or large depending on your needs and use.

For the yarn I have used red heart soft yarn ( I will put a link where you can buy it or you can use cotton as it's best for this basket/ bowl.

So just scroll down for the written pattern.

Ch4, join with SL st.
Row1 : 10 SC in the circle, join.
Row2: Ch1, 2sc in the next ch, 2sc in every ch, join.
Row3: Ch1, *2sc in the next ch, 1 sc in the next ch**, repeat from * to**  till end of round, join.
Row4: Ch1, *2sc in the next st, 1 sc in the next 2 st**,  repeat from *to ** till end of round, join.
Place a stitch marker at your last worked st.
Row5: working in spiral for the next 10 rows, sc in every st, till row 10 or which ever length you desire.
Row 11 or last row: SL st in every st, fasten off.


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