braided ear warmer

Hi crochet lovers and welcome back to a new post, it is actually not new as I posted the videos sometime ago but I did not finish writing the pattern for you to enjoy, so here today I'm giving the free pattern for the braided ear warmer, pretty, unique , stylish and mostly very easy to make with a little patience.

Before we start, you need to know that best yarn used for this project would be medium worsted yarn of your choice and the crochet hook which mostly recommended in the label of your yarn.

I will put the links to my favorite yarn and crochet hook in case you are interested to buy the same and also the link to the video for right handed and left handed.

I do recommend you watch the video along the written pattern for you to understand it better.

So without further due let's go into the pattern

Yarn  and Hooks I'm loving:


chain 70

Row1: 1 sc in each st from the 2nd ch from the hook.

Row2: ch1, 1sc in each of the next st.

Row3 to 7: repeat row 2.

So basically you'll be making three identical pieces with 7 rows each.

Now laying the three pieces vertically in front of you, you will put the top of each piece, one on top of the other and you'll sew the tops together so they are secure to braid later on.

Now you start braiding your project like you braid your hair :) if you have never done it , watch the video and follow step by step.

Once you  are done braiding, you will sew the ends the same way you did the tops together.

Now what's left to do , is to join both ends and close your braided ear warmer. Et voila, you have it ready to wear and to enjoy in cold winters.


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