How to crochet a doormat for your home

Hi everyone and welcome back, today's tutorial is easy if you follow the step by step pattern and the video, the only thing, that it does take time to finish coz the bobbles are time consuming but they do look very pretty in most project. 
If you are like me and don't Crochet every day, you can count on one week to finish this door mat.
Scroll down for the pattern and the link for the videos, left handed and right handed, if you are as well interested in the yarn I used, you'll find a link for some similar and interesting yarn.

Yarn Used:

Ch 80
 Row1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc crochet in every ch.

Row2: ch1, *yarn over, insert your hook in the same stitch from ch2, work an incomplete dc, make 4 more incomplete dc, when you have 6 loops on your hook, pull through all loops, sc in the  next stitch#, repeat from* till # until end of the row.

Row3: ch1, sc in every ch till end of the row.

Row 4: ch1, sc in the 1st st, *bobble in the next stitch, #sc in the next st, repeat from * to # till end of the row.

Row5: repeat row 3.

Row 6: Repeat row 2.

Row 7: Repeat row 3

Row 8: Repeat row 4

Keep alternating rows 2 and 4  to obtain the same look as in the pictures means the bobbles are not on top of each other but in the middle and between every bobble row is a single crochet row until you obtain the length you want or until row 26.
Sc around your door mat for framing.



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  3. Lovely! I came across your page in Google search. I wanted texture to my doormat, and your pattern was the only one that had texture. Thank-you so much for sharing. What size hook did you use?

    1. Hi, thx for your comment, I used 4 mm crochet hook for the cotton yarn 😊

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