How to crochet a hexagon

So welcome back to everyone for another crochet tutorial and pattern.
Today I have put together a new pattern for you along with the video  to learn how to make the #grannyhexagon .

I have previously posted how to crochet the half hexagon as well, if you didn't see it here is the link to the written pattern

Also here are the videos for the left handed crocheters  and the right handed crocheters  

As i have mentioned before, I am preparing a project using the granny hexagon in the final phase and will be posted soon, so stay tuned for it and to see how you can also make.

Thank you for sticking with me and following me along my journey!
Happy Crochet!

Ch 4
Join with a slip stitch to form a circle.
Row1 : Ch 3, 1dc in the circle,* ch2, 2dc, repeat 4 times *. You should obtain 6 ch2 spaces. Slip stitch to close the round.

Row2 : ch 3,1dc in the same space as ch3. In the next space (2dc, ch2,2dc), repeat () in alpine chain 2 spaces, once you reach the end, 2dc in the ch2 Space, ch 2, join on top of the ch3.

Row3: ch3, 1dc in the same space as ch3,  *2dc in the next space, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in the next space ( corner)#, repeat from * to #, at the last corner, 2dc, ch2, join with sl st on top of the initial ch3.

Continue the row increase same as row 3 until you obtain the size required.


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