An easy and quick warm shawl

Good Afternoon everyone from Johannesburg , South Africa :)

I'm writing this post to day from this place where it is summer and the weather is amazing!

But this post is still about a winter accessory not a summer one, as you might have seen in my instagram stories, I shared with you the finishing of  this beautiful granny strip shawl that I' starting to wear already.

By the way if you don't follow me on instagram hers is my page @Crochica_nbf I try to be as active as possible and share with you the making of my projects.

So the pattern for this project is very easy, you will notice that the shape and the display of colors will be different from other granny shawl project.

The difference is that I am working in line if you know what I mean ( straight lines) as for other projects they work in triangle shape.

Hope you like it and try it, as usual, you'll find the link to the video, left and right handed  below.

ch: Chain
dc: double crochet
st: stitch
sl: slip


Row 1: 2dc in the 4th ch from the hook, turn.

Row 2: ch3, 2 dc in the same st as ch3, 3dc in the last st. turn

Row 3: ch3, 2 dc in the same st, 3dc in the space, 3dc in the last st

Row 4: ch3, 2 dc in the same st, 3dc in every space, 3 dc in the last st. turn

From Row 5 to Row 74: repeat row 4


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