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How to crochet an easy Textured Beanie

Save 50.0% on select products from MOUSYA with promo code 50954MYF, through 1/31 while supplies last. So this beanie is worked in rounds and it is very easy to achieve, there is no increase, decrease, there is very minimal sewing at the end and the beanie looks nice and most important very warm. I love the stitch that I have used because it creates like a double layer at the back side of the beanie, it's like you are making two stitches in one, however it is that one stitch creating the double effect and for winter there is nothing better than having a nice beanie like that. The color change is not a must, because I didn't have 2 of the same color, I matched another color with it, I simply attached the two yarn threads together and continued working. Also for the number of stitches, the written pattern is based on medium/ large size, you can make around 50 chains for medium size, bear in mind that this is a chunky yarn.    PDF PATTERN: ETSY RAVELRY Materials: Kar

how to crochet a straw bag

Hi girls,

I hope you are as excited as me with this tutorial and pattern, as I have mentioned in the video , this bag was inspired from a bag I saw in mango shop and also about this summer trend called the straw bag.

To achieve the final look, I used 2 strands of cotton yarn to make it thick and solid, also I used  the double crochet stitch .

The yarn used in this project is sugar and cream, I used total of 10 Yarn balls of different colors which you will find the link below.

I think it's ideal to use it as a beach bag or grocery, be aware not use it for heavy stuff.
Enjoy the pattern and don't forget to watch the video to understand better.

How to crochet straw bag:
Circle: make 2
Ch 4. Join with a slip stitch to the beginning chain

Round 1: chain 3, 11 double crochet in the circle, join (12 DC).

Round 2: chain 3, 1dc in the first ch , *2dc in the next ch, **1dc in the next ch repeat from * to **, 1 dc in the beginning of round 2 ( same as ch 3) which makes the beginning 2dc. Join.

Round 3: ch3, 1 dc in the next 2 stitches, *2 dc in the next stitch, **1 dc in the next 2 stitches, repeat from * to **, one dc in the beginning round, same stitches the ch 3. Join.

Round 4: ch3, 1dc in the next 3 stitches, *2 dc in the next stitch, **1 dc in the next 3 stitches, repeat from *to **, 1dc in the beginning of the round in the same stitch as chain 3. Join.

Repeat the same increasing your work by 1 stitch in every round till round 13. Faten off.

The strap :
With 2 strands, Ch 208.
Join with a slip St in the first ch to form a round.

Round 1: Ch 1, 1sc in the 1st ch, sc in every ch till end of round 1. Join.

Round 2: Ch1, turn opposite side ( see video), 1 sc in the 1st ch, 1sc in every ch till end if the round 2. Join.

Round 3--8: repeat round 2, fasten off .

Joining the circles to the strap: 

With 2 strands, make a slip knot, in any stitch , join the strap and circle with a slip stitch, slip stitch in every stitch till the end making sure you leave 30 stitches for the bag opening.

Repeat the same for the next circle,.

Weave between ends.


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