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Crochet Letter H

 How to crochet the letter H You can chain any number depending how bi or small you want the number to be. I used cotton mercerized yarn and 2.5 mm hook.                              Video Tutorial Instant PDF Pattern ($1.80) Written Pattern Ch 17 Row1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch till the end of the row Row2 to 6: ch1, sc in every st. fasten off. Row 7: join the yarn with a sl knot in the 7th st, ch1, sc in the same st, sc in the next 3 st, turn. Row8 to 11: ch1, sc in every st, continue chaining, 7. Row 12: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch and st, continue chaining 6. Row 13: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in every ch and st. Row 14 to 17: ch1, sc in every st. fasten off.                      

How to crochet a laptop sleeve

Hi everyone and welcome back to a new post, another pattern I'm sharing with you today.
So for long I had my laptop without a cover, as I travel a lot and I have to take it out for screening , it gets damaged over time.
It is also hard to find a nice cover which suits your taste in the market as most of them are basics or very expensive.
so finally I decided to make a laptop sleeve my self using my crochet skills so it looks the way I want it and to protect from potential damage.

For this sleeve I have made it a little smaller than my laptop size so it holds to it and doesnt look loose, however  you can adjust the size by chaining the required number equal to your laptop width.

Written pattern.
Stitches used: chain (ch)
                          single crochet ( sc)
                          Half double crochet (hdc)
                          Cross stitch (link)
                          Slip stitch ( sl st)

Chain 37
Sc in 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in every ch. 3sc in the turning point.

Sc in every ch opposite to the previous sc. 2sc in the corner.

Working on spiral, sc in every chain around till row 17.

Row 18: half dc in every chain.

Row19: skip 1ch, 1dc in the next 2 chains. Dc in the skipped chain ( cross stitch). Repeat the same till end if the row.

Row 20: half dc in each chain.

Row21 till 42: sc in every chain.

Last row: sl st in every chain, fasten off.


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