How to crochet a flower

Hi crochet lovers and welcome back to another new and easy crochet tutorial, you will find here the written pattern as well as a link to the videos for left handed , just click on whichever you are interested.

Crochet a flower can be complicated if it is the first time to do it and not easy to find an easy and quick pattern, but I found it and I am sharing it with you today.

You can do so many things with these pretty little flowers, use them as decorations to simple projects, such as single crochet pillow, blanket, cardigan, sweater, so many things, or you can even attach them to make a big coaster or even a blanket, your choice!!!

So let's jump into making these flowers.

Video Tutorial

-Written pattern:

*Ch3, join to form a circle
*10 sc in the circle, slip  stitch to close.
*ch1, 1dc, 1 trc, 1dc. sl st in the next st. repeat 4 more times, fasten off.

And there you are, you have your flower, simple, easy, straight forward, very easy pattern, you can use these flowers to decorate simple and plain crochet projects or only use them on their own.



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