How to crochet slippers ( written pattern)

These slippers are very easy to achieve if you can make a flat circle.
That is the only challenging part in this tutorial, following the pattern any beginner can  make these slippers, they are fast to make and fun to wear.
Using the single crochet stitch makes the slippers look neat and chic and like you put an effort in making them, you do actually put an effort crocheting but some stitches look better than others
You'll find below the links to the video tutorials of the slippers and the bow as well.
I have used my favorite yarn here Red Heart Soft, it is by far the softest yarn I have ever used.


Written pattern

6DC in the 2nd chain from the hook slip stitch.

Row 1: , 2SC in each of the next stitches, slip stitch.12SC

Row 2: 1 SC in the same stitch, *2SC in the next stitch, 1SC in the next stitch# , repeat from * to#, slip stitch at the end of the row. 18SC

Row 3 till row 18 chain1, SC in every stitch.

Row 19: SC in every stitch till you are left with 4 stitches, from this point you will crochet back and forth by chaining 1 and sc in every stitch, repeat 17 times.

Closing the slipper:
From the inner side of the slipper slip stitch in every stitch till the top, fasten off.

Video Tutorials:


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